Repeat Notifications Bug – CNN Blames Apple for Apple News Problem

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Earlier today, an Apple News app bug caused a notification for a single CNN news story to be sent out to iPad and iPhone users over and over again.

Lasting for approximately 15 minutes, the issue appears to have impacted all Apple News subscribers with alerts for CNN turned on – this is confirmed by the large amount of complains that popped up on Twitter, MacRumours forums and Reddit.

Initially unclear if the problem was with Apple News or CNN, CNN on Twitter claimed it was the former.  It’s reported that CNN only sent a single notification, and is currently working alongside Apple to identify the underlying problem.

The customers affected by the bugged repeat notifications received roughly a hundred notifications, with the quantity of notifications interrupting the normal operation of the device. The issue seems to be centered around the singular CNN news story, but there have also been some reports that some Fox News notifications were also repeated.

At the time, the only fix for the issue was to disable Apple News notifications, however Apple was quick to resolve the problem, allowing those who had disabled notifications to safely re-enable them.