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IKEA launching app-controlled smart lighting range

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Step aside Philips Hue – IKEA has just announced it’s launching its own smart lighting collection in April, bringing the luxuries of scheduling and remote light dimming at a temptingly affordable price.

The range will include energy-efficient white LED lightbulbs, light doors that can be built into IKEA’s METOD kitchen, as well as light panels for walls & ceilings.

All of the lights will be controllable through an app on your phone or tablet, or by using IKEA’s own remote control device. A wireless motion sensor will also allow for hands-free lighting fun.

When it comes to smart features, you’ll be able to switch lights on & off, dim, and schedule them remotely, as well as dabble in some light customization. Both the light doors & panels and the smart lightbulbs will be able to transition between cool & warm white light at your command.

The real advantage of the range comes in the form of a typically low IKEA price tag; even the most basic lighting package, with an LED lightbulb and dimming remote, will only set you back £15. This is without app control however. For £69 you can purchase the smart lighting kit which includes the gateway device required for the optional app connectivity.

IKEA have also promised that an app update coming this Autumn will include an ‘Away from Home’ function, allowing users to both monitor & control all of their smart bulbs from anywhere.

To put this all in perspective, the Philips Hue starter kit will set you back over £150, so IKEA’s range feels like it offers quite a bit bang for buck. Sure, the range doesn’t offer smart home integration with other services or products, such as the Homekit or Alexa – at least not yet. For the same price as a flatpack coffee table however, it offers fantastic plug-and-play convenience.

Expect the smart lighting range to arrive online & in-store around April in the UK.