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Meet the ‘smart’ nightlight, that should be anywhere but your bedroom

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All the brilliance of modern tech fandom aside, it seems to come with an uncanny ability to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. All that blue light plays havoc with our circadian rhythms, and we all know how hard it is to disconnect.

This is why we just about threw up on our smartphones when we noticed this Kickstarter ‘smart’ nightlight.

That’s right folks – the Aumi mini nightlight is programmable, and is able to alert you to social media notifications like Facebook tags or Twitter retweets or mentions.

After a hard day’s work, trying to relax, this device will more than happily bring to your attention that last minute email from your boss that couldn’t possibly wait until morning.

No. Please… no.

This Wi-Fi enabled nightlight plugs into any USB adapter (fitting perfectly with iPhone’s adapter), and you have a choice of 16 million colours and range of patterns for your alerts.

If you can overlook all the obnoxious email and social media notifications, Aumi does actually have some interesting useful applications.

For instance, it’s able to sync with your smart looks, and can flash when one is opened. It can also flash red when you Wi-Fi network goes down. It can let you know if rain is on the way, so you can go grab the washing from the line. Its compatibility with IFTTT means many users will come up with a variety of custom recipes (via The Verge).

According to the company, you’re also able to turn off the flurry of notifications, and simply use it as a nightlight, although this isn’t quite the point of the product is it?

Unsurprisingly however, the nightlight is doing quite well on Kickstarter, having easily surpassed its $22,000 goal and still 27 days to go. The project comes from the creators of the Aumi nightlight, which also found success via Kickstarter.