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Sansaire takes home sous vide and adds a dash of style

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As far as home sous vide machines go, Sansaire’s Delta immersion circulator is quite striking with its slim profile.

Sous vide appliance makers Sansaire have brought us their latest gadget, the Sansaire Delta priced at $249. A clip-shaped device, the Delta easily mounts itself on standard household stocks pots to create water baths at a precisely controlled temperature. For home gourmets seeking delicious and consistent results, this is a huge help – especially so when coking unforgiving or expensive ingredients.

According to Sansaire, the Delta will gently heat poulty, fish, meat, and vegetables to the exact degrees of doneness. The Delta functions by swirling water inside a large container while heating the liquid to a specific temperature – much in the same was as other immersion circulator-style sous vide products.

Having placed your food inside a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, the food is cooked underwater whilst never exceeding the temperature selected. This technique was first pioneered in professional kitchens, but is now moving into the home thanks to gadgets like the $250 WiFi Nomiku and the $199 Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth + WiFi.

Svelteness for the sous vide
Obviously, Sansaire isn’t new to the sous vide market. They began with the original $199 Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator via a crowdfunded startup in 2013. This device (which Sansaire still sell) has a conventional design, with a cylindrical tower shape. A similar approach is taken with Nomiku’s and Anova’s circulators.

The Delta goes in a different direction. As the name implies, this device comes with a distinctive triangular body, appearing both sleeker and thinner than typical circulators. The front face of the Delta, the part that hangs outside your pot, has an eye-catching LED display which communicates the current temperature of the water.

Smart app control
Unlike its predecessor, the Delta comes with an internal Wi-Fi radio allowing it to link up with a companion mobile app (for both Android and iOS). The app allows you to input cooking instructions, can track cooking time, and will notify you when it’s time to remove your food. It also allows you to create your own recipes, as well as save them for later if it ends up being a keeper.

If your mouth is watering at the thought of owning a Sansaire Delta, it’s available for preorder for $199, which is $50 off its final price. Sansaire is estimating getting the Delta to customers as early as August in the US (110V model). Sansaire also plans to sell the Delta in Europe, and further down the line, in the UK and Australia (220V model), where the price would convert to roughly £200 and AU$325.