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Philips Hue aiming to replace all your inside (and outside) bulbs

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The new range of Philips Hue’s lighting solutions are here to prove that whether indoors or out, there’s nowhere that can’t be augmented by some smart bulbs.

Philips recently unveiled a collection of new lights. Some of these we had seen before (such as the outdoor lighting strip and bathroom mirror), while others are brand new.

Amongst the brand new solutions we have the Ascend collection. This range includes a tall floor light, a table lamp, a wall-attachable lamp, as well as a hanging pendant lamp that’s ideal for rooms with high ceilings. The range features a similar design, with a conical housing and a downward facing bulb.

The Enchant Pendant Light hangs from a ceiling fitting, and offers colour (or white) light alongside a more cylindrical design. Of the two, we believe the Ascend collection is the more visually appealing.

The ceiling mounted The Being Pendant was also unveiled. This piece doesn’t offer a traditional bulb, and only outputs white hues, but could still be the centerpiece lighting in any room.

The Adore Mirror is a ceiling light fixture for the bathroom. According to Philips Hue, it will help you concentrate, read, relax, and energize you. Perfect ambience can be achieved without your phone, and instead through the light’s own dimmer switch. For those of you colour-focused, both bathroom products are only designed to output white light.

Lastly, we have the LED lighting strip for the outdoors – revealed on Philips’ Netherlands website earlier this summer.

Some of these products are now available to be viewed on the Philips Hue US website, but are not currently viewable on the UK site. Expect the range to be available stateside August 20. UK availability will be updated when more information is known.

Looking to add the finishing touches to your smart home? Is the Philips Hue bathroom mirror exactly what you’ve been waiting for?